Kentucky Crappie Trail Rules and Regulations 2021/2022

Tournament Times (all local times)
With 6 different divisions across the state and a few different time zones, tournaments will start from 6:00am-8:00am local times depending on safe light. We post every Monday morning our weekly tournament information on our Facebook page and on here.
8 poles maximum per 1-2 person team. Youth anglers poles count for youth only. You can have more than 8 rods per boat just not in the water fishing. 7 keepers per tournament only. Culling must be done before you get to the weigh-in station.
Substitutes: You can use a substitute angler for any KCT regular-season tournament you fish. You can NOT use a sub in any divisional classic or KCT State Championship.
Struggling/floating fish that may die before you weigh in MUST be checked by a director when you get back to the ramp to be deemed a good fish. If it dies after being checked it will still count. If a fish is dead at the weigh-in and was NOT checked it will be tossed out.
To be eligible to fish any KCT divisional classic, you MUST fish at least 2 tournaments from that specific division.
To be 2022 KCT State Championship eligible you must fish at least 3 KCT tournaments from any division OR win 1.
One-time $20 per angler membership fee at your first fished tournament that will help cover the entire 2021/2022 trail. This will help us get giveaways, stickers, shirts, trophies etc. for the entire season.
No leaving your boat unless of a restroom emergency or you are leaving the tournament early with no weight. Contact the divisional director before leaving water with any other reasonings.
Chips must be back in to weigh-in location by the said time set or you are disqualified.
No on-water advice from other anglers or non-tournament boats during tournament day. No fishing past sunset the night before a tournament on that said lake.
All Kentucky Crappie Trail lakes will go off that lake’s Kentucky size limit. Cave Run Division will be a 10″ size limit. (Small fish are disqualified). Culling must be done before entering the weigh-in line and all fish must be deemed alive by tournament officials when you return to the ramp. Dead fish at the weigh-in that was not deemed alive do not count to your 7.
In the event of a tie between teams in the money for the total weight, the determination per placement will go to the team with the biggest big fish weighed. In the event the total weight and the big fish are tied, the teams will both be awarded 2nd/3rd place payouts combined and then split between the two teams. 


Kentucky Crappie Trail Chain of Lakes OFF LIMITS:
ALL Kentucky Crappie Trail lakes have off-limits that follow the Kentucky state law of NO FISHING within 150 feet of any marina/marina docks. You CAN fish inside of marina no-wake zones but must not be within 150ft of any marina or marina dock. Automatic disqualification if caught fishing the off-limits for that event. If caught twice, you are out for the remainder of the year!


Kentucky Crappie Trail Tournament Fees:
KCT Adult Regular Season (1 or 2 person teams):
$60 per boat and that includes a big fish pot. $50/$10
KCT Youth Regular Season:
$15 per youth angler
KCT Divisional Classics:
$75 per boat – Includes big fish
2021 KCT State Championship:
$150 per eligible boat
-Youth Anglers must be 16 years old or younger and must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian and fish with parent or parent appointed guardian. 3 fish will be weighed by each youth division member and must reach the KY state regulations for the size limit for that lake. Cave Run 10″.
-Youth anglers may fish with parents or an approved adult during the regular event but must be accountable for their own 3 fish and may not work toward adult members tourney bag.


Angler Team Of Year – will be decided by a points race for each KCT division. Your 5 best regular-season tournaments will count towards your point total. (1st place 100pts, 2nd place 99pts, 3rd place 98pts…..No fish weighed 25pts)


Cancellations will be made by tournament staff and notifications will be made within 24 hours of the event if not sooner.