Kentucky Crappie Trail Angler of the Year and Points Championship Update

Got a little behind but the KCT Angler of the Year race and Points Championship are both up to date as of 3/9/20.

Leading our newly released KCT Points Championship with 398 goes to team Kris Mann/Mann. Second with 396 goes to teams Eric Kersey/Will Rogers and Josh Petty/Tony Petty and holding down third with 395 is team Estridge/Brian Vest.

The points championship is determined by your teams best 5 tournament places. These can be from any and all divisions with 4/5 counting from your regular season tournaments and the 5th being the KCT State Championsip to determine the winner. Multiple teams will have a shot at the title.

Angler of the Year leaders per division.

Kentucky Crappie Trail Cave Run Division
1st Tim Mays/Chad Nickell 22.8lbs; 2nd @Mann/Mann 18.98lbs; 3rd Denver Crouch/McCarty 15.68lbs

Kentucky Crappie Trail Barren River Lake Division
1st Butler/Lowe 24.38lbs; 2nd Gill/Tinsley 22.51lbs; 3rd Brad Bowles/Dean McCoy 20.411lbs

Kentucky Crappie Trail Lake Cumberland Division
1st Kersey/Rogers 40.356lbs; 2nd Craig Delk/Morgan 35.185lbs; 3rd Gadberry/Stevens 28.035lbs

Kentucky Crappie Trail Rough River / Nolin Division
1st Petty/Petty 33.11lbs; 2nd Berry/Manion 24.15lbs; 3rd Thomas/Thomas 23.68lbs

Kentucky Crappie Trail Taylorsville Lake Division
1st Estridge/Vest 44.905lbs; Sam Franke/Bob Matheny 43.66lbs; 3rd Matt Eskridge/Heath Martin 42.314lbs

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